Our mission statement is objectivity, contributing with qualitative and quantitative data about the characteristics and the performance of the E-BIKES.

And how do we get it?

Thanks to our working method and  to the Power Test Bench we a model in the sector with more than 5 years´ experience. We offer an analysis of the electric bikes in an objective way using qualitative and quantitative data, such as power, performance, efficiency, durability etc. In this way we give our clients a more specific and objective vision regarding the characteristics of their E-BIKES.

What drives us?

Our drive is client satisfaction and focusing on working in a serious, rigorous way and with great creativity. This is essential in a new market full of challenges.

Where do we want to get?

We want to become a company that is a model in the field of electric bikes, specializing in verifications and certifications, widening the general knowledge and making the most advanced technologies available to companies to avoid modifications to bicycles in races and competitions.

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