TESTMYBIKE is an engineering company that offers services for the analysis of electromechanical pedal-assist systems, data verification, parameterization, and communication, aiming to become pivotal differentiators for the bicycle industry.

TESTMYBIKE was born out of the need to provide objective data that helps us understand and compare the different models and brands of electric bicycles (e-bikes) available in the market.

To achieve this, we have a qualified technical team and a patented Power Bench (BDP) developed in collaboration with the Department of Machine Engineering at the Technical School of Industrial Engineers of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) and other companies in the sector.

Our dedication and technology have made us the first company to conduct power, performance, efficiency, comfort, and durability tests for electric bicycles and their components.


We analyze electromechanical systems, motors, batteries, applications, and communication methods between different systems using TMB’s patented tools. Our goal is to extract a comprehensive set of data that provides an overall understanding of the analyzed system.

Based on the previous analyses, we verify information from the manufacturer or other sources about the system. This process aims to achieve a deeper understanding of the analyzed system.

We seek the best parameterization for a specific customer typology or according to the guidelines provided by the eBike manufacturer. The objective is to personalize the behavior of the eBike to meet specific requirements.

Amidst a multitude of variables that sometimes lead to miscommunication, TMB strategically positions itself between motor and bicycle manufacturers. We offer an intermediary service based on our extensive experience and unique method that translates and verifies sensations and expectations from bicycle manufacturers. This enables motor manufacturers to deliver the best possible product and service, aligning with the needs and preferences of bicycle manufacturers.

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