Our Philosophy

We are guided by objectivity, providing detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis on the characteristics and behaviors of e-Bikes, both holistically and individually in relation to their components.


We are born with a clear and distinctive purpose: to analyze systems, verify information, and parameterize, establishing ourselves as axes of differentiation in the bicycle industry.


The strength of our company is founded on solid values.

At Test My Bike, we value and practice:

  • Rigorous ImpartialityWe base our analysis on objectivity, providing truthful results that we translate into simple and comparative language.
  • Continuous Improvement: We dedicate ourselves to the development of unique tools in the industry, a constant exercise of innovation that reflects our tenacity, resoluteness, and insight in the face of challenges.
  • Commitment and Humanity: Despite our high degree of technical knowledge, what truly drives us is humanity and honesty. We advocate for the reality behind each product for the benefit of all users, sharing knowledge and information to enrich their experience in the eBike world.

With these values, we commit to our customers, and we strive to share knowledge and information, making them available so that they continue to gain experience in the eBike world.