TESTMYBIKE is an engineering company that provides services in analyzing electromechanical pedal-assist systems, data verification, parameterization, and dialogue, with the aim of making them axes of differentiation for the bicycle industry

TESTMYBIKE TESTMYBIKE arose from the need to provide objective data to help us know and compare the different models and brands of electric bicycles (E-BIKES) available in the market.

For this purpose, we have a qualified technical team and a patented Power Bench (BDP) developed in collaboration with the Department of Engineering Machines of the Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineers of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) and other companies in the sector.

Our dedication and technology have made us the first company to conduct power, performance, efficiency, comfort, and durability tests for electric bikes, as well as their components.